At Fort McKay Group of Companies LP (FMGOC) we are committed to ensuring "no harm" to our most valuable asset- people.

We achieve this by:

  • Promoting Personal Safety amongst the workforce
  • Providing and maintaining working conditions to applicable standards and regulations
  • Integrating Health, Safety & Environment elements into Operational Processes from start to finish
  • Establishing an effective Management System to ensure compliance to all elements ofHealth, Safety & Environment
  • Striving for excellence in Safety Performance by malting Continuous Improvement an essential component of our Health, Safety & Environment Management  Systems 
  • Stewarding to Corporate Health, Safety & Environment Goals through effective communication and accountability

FMGOC's leadership is responsible and will be held accountable to provide a safe work environment including proper equipment, clear instructions, training and programs to ensure all employees are prepared to work safely.

We believe that safety is everyone's responsibility and can only be achieved through the active participation of all employees.

"Safety...Our Way of Life"

Awards and Accolades

The Fort McKay Group of Companies LP prides itself on providing a high level of service and value to our customers by making safety our number one priority.    

  • On April 14, 2011, we were honoured to be given the Syncrude President's Award for 2010 Contractor Safety. 
  • We had been recognized as the Runner-Up for Small Business Safety Award for 2008, and we are proud of the achievements we made in the superseding years.  This award recognizes our Warehousing and Logistics, Environmental Services and Fuel Hauling divisions. 
  • On August 30, 2010, all four crews in mine operations at Shell-Albian Sands officially reached “ONE YEAR GOAL ZERO”. This milestone truly raises the bar for all of our operations. Achieving 365 days at Goal Zero while having approximately 50 team members working per shift and operating the largest earth-moving equipment in the world is truly an outstanding accomplishment. 

The Fort McKay Group of Companies would like to thank all of those who contributed to our success.

Did you know?
Bison Ranch milestone

Recently the Bison Ranch, managed by Brad Ramstead of Fort McKay Strategics Services, hit a milestone that many only dream of. The workers at the Bison Ranch have performed over 4500 days without a recordable injury. To put that into perspective, they haven’t had a recordable injury since May of 2004. Brad credits his team with excellent communication skills, which he feels helped to achieve this milestone.

“I touch base with the workers several times a day and if they are going to be working alone fencing, for example, they will advise me when they are going out into the field and when they are complete the work, or sooner if they will be out there all day.”

Agriculture ranks as Canada’s third most hazardous industry in terms of absolute numbers of fatalities. There were 25 fatalities in Alberta alone in 2014. Brad went on to say, “when you are dealing with non-domesticated large animals weighing up to 1500 pounds every move you make must be calculated and the risks identified before you begin. Calving, innoculations, moving the herds, supplying food and water in all kinds of conditions, all can lead to a serious injury or worse if you don’t ensure you’ve mitigated your risks.”
Please join us in thanking Brad and his team for working so hard to ensure the safety of themselves and the herd for which they are responsible for.

Congratulations on your milestone!

Most Improved Safety Large Contractor Award in 2015

A strong commitment to safety has netted a local business major accolades. Earlier this year, the Fort McKay Group of Companies received recognition for Most Improved – Large Company at Syncrude’s annual safety awards. The ceremony honours Syncrude business areas and contractor companies for achieving improved or maintained safety performance.

This is the first time the Fort McKay Group of Companies has achieved the Most Improved Award, although two subsidiaries of the company have been recognized in the past – Fort McKay Logistics once received the Small Contractor Award, and Fort McKay Strategic Services received an award recognizing 10 years without a recordable injury at the Beaver Creek Wood Bison Ranch.

Jim Carbery, former CEO of the Fort McKay Group of Companies, credits the implementation of the Loss Prevention System (LPS) for the gains they’ve made on safety. LPS is a system that uses behaviourbased tools and management techniques to prevent or reduce losses.

“We put a lot of focus on safety in the past year because we needed to improve, not just at Syncrude but other sites,” says Jim. “We looked at every aspect of our operations from administration to the field and the results to date have been excellent.”

Employees are being trained in LPS and it is being implemented within the many subsidiary companies that make up the Fort McKay Group of Companies. Transparency with suppliers and clients is a big part of the improvement. The main focus of the team is keeping communication lines open with all stakeholders and addressing the root causes of failures.

"Our people believe in the system and we’re prepared to put the time and effort into implementing it across the board,” says Jim.




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