Operating under the Muskeg Mountain division of Fort McKay Strategic Services, our earthworks division is a major contender in the heavy equipment industry. Our fleet of over 100 pieces of equipment works onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at the Shell Albian, Shell Jackpine and Syncrude Base Mine sites. By providing extensive ongoing training to our employees, we ensure that our equipment is operated in a professional and safe manner at all times. Despite operating some of the world’s largest equipment around-the-clock, all of our operating crews at the Shell Albian site have been able to reach one year at Goal Zero. Our focus on safety is what makes us really stand out from the crowd.

We are diversified in our skills and are growing everyday into more specialized areas of the oil sands industry. Our equipment includes CAT 785s, CAT 777s, dozers, excavators, graders and loaders. We provide hauling services for rejected material and placing crush stone for road building. We also excavate, build haul roads, and haul muskeg and sand. We are proud to be the contractor of choice for both slope preparation and contouring, and since the inception of the contract in 2002 we have continued to be the sole contractor for reject hauls at Shell Albian.

  • Muskeg removal

  • Road building for light vehicles and heavy haulers

  • Ore and reject loading, hauling and placing

  • Road Maintenance – Sanding, grading and berm building.

  • Technical road building with Clay Crete program – Crushing, loading, hauling and chemical placement.

  • Dyke construction including sand blanket and sand keys.

  • Dewatering including 777 pump trucks and sump building.

  • Tailings mud farm removal.

  • Technical support including Engineering, Survey, Project Management and Estimating.

  • Equipment ranging from but not limited to:

    • Haul Trucks – 777, 789, and 793

    • Backhoe’s 

    • Dozers.

    • Graders.





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