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Beaver Creek Wood Bison Ranch Milestone

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October 02, 2015

Beaver Creek Wood Bison Ranch Milestone

The Bison Ranch recently hit a milestone that many only dream of - over 4,500 days without recordable injury. Not a single recordable injury since May of 2004. Brad Ramstead, who manages the ranch, credits his team’s communication and caution.

“I touch base with the workers several times a day and if they are going to be working alone fencing, for example, they will advise me when they are going out into the field and when they are complete the work, or sooner if they will be out there all day.”

Agriculture can be very risky, with 25 fatalities in Alberta alone in 2014. Brad went on to say, “When you are dealing with non-domesticated large animals weighing up to 1500 pounds every move you make must be calculated and the risks identified before you begin. Calving, inoculations, moving the herds, supplying food and water in all kinds of conditions, all can lead to a serious injury or worse if you don’t ensure you’ve mitigated your risks.”

Thanks to Brad and his team, and congratulations on your milestone!