Albian Compensation Lake

Albian Compensation Lake

Project Overview

Albian Compensation LakeFrom January 2017 the Fort McKay Group of Companies Earthworks division provided services to the Albian Compensation Lake Project.  Located on the Albian site, south of the Muskeg river, the two-part project occurred over an eight-month period and required about 100,000 man-hours to complete. 

The project was tackled in two phases: completion of the shoreline, followed by bulk excavation.  The Earthworks team began by excavating the unusable material, then replaced the shore and bottom of the lake with sand.  They also created the inlet and outlet for the river to flow in and out – the lake is now fed by the Muskeg River.


All of the work for the Albian Compensation Lake Project was completed safely and conformed to strict government regulations. The project was ultimately successful:  it was finished on time and under budget, and most importantly, everyone went home safely.

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