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Overflow Seepage Ditch with Concrete Pre-Cast Structure


Project Overview

From February 2017 until June 2017, the Fort McKay Group of Companies Earthworks division worked on a project to construct an overflow seepage ditch with a concrete pre-cast structure.  Located on the Albian site at the Jack Pine tailings area, the project involved creating a ditch to handle an overflow flood, and direct it to another holding area.  This was done by assembling pre-case concrete structures to form an overflow inlet and outlet and required the organization of cranes and personnel. There was also a 500m section of corrugated plastic pipe that was put together and placed in a trench to finish off the system.


Completion of the project required 22,000 man-hours.  The seepage ditch was constructed on time and under budget, and most importantly, everyone went home safely.

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