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Reclamation Support Services and Beaver Creek Wood Bison Ranch

Our goal is to meet the growing demand for environmental and reclamation services in the oil sands. We offer a full range of multidisciplinary environmental services and have an excellent safety record coupled with a work culture that manages compliance and mitigates risk. We provide cost-effective solutions to meet our client’s needs.

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Reclamation Services:

We have worked closely for several years with our subcontractors, together we provide the following services:

Pre-Disturbance Soil Surveys

Soil classification and mapping includes coversoil and subsoil material type inventories, and soil quality assessments from areas scheduled to be mined and then used in soil salvage and reclamation planning.

Post-Reclamation Soil Audits

Soil quantity and quality evaluations on reclaimed areas across numerous leases to ensure compliance with EPEA Operating Approvals.

Soil Salvage/Placement Monitoring and Supervision

Equipment supervision for soil salvage and placement operations.

Environmental Research Work

Design and implement construction solutions that enable researchers to monitor a wide range of projects throughout the various stages of reclamation. Most research projects are unique and present new challenges. Our cross-functional team strives to develop and implement lasting and dependable infrastructure solutions, which are necessary for our clients to achieve their goals. Solutions include:

  • Scope development - GPS work
  • Prototyping/fabrication customized equipment
  • Site preparation including light civil work
  • Signage
  • Walkways and boardwalk installation in environmentally sensitive areas
  • All types of enclosure/exclusion fencing

Through forward-thinking and simplifying project execution for our clients, we free up scarce resources which allows them to focus on their core mandate – research rather than infrastructure development. The results of this research are a better understanding of performance measures which assists clients and the industry in developing successful reclamation strategies.


Soil Survey and Audit

Each year at Mildred Lake and Aurora North, FMGOC completes an annual soil survey program as the respective mine footprints advance. This includes collecting a detailed inventory of the pre-disturbance soil resources that are present. The process involves a quantitative inventory…

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Sandhill Fen – Boardwalk Project

The project was completed for Syncrude in 2012. The client required a foundation to be built over a fen wetland (muskeg), to access instrumentation. The distance of the boardwalk needed to be 1.2km in length, approximately 0.5 meters above the ground, be esthetically appropriate…

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