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Sandhill Fen – Boardwalk Project

Sandhill Fen – Boardwalk Project

Project Overview

The project was completed for Syncrude in 2012. The client required a foundation to be built over a fen wetland (muskeg), to access instrumentation. The distance of the boardwalk needed to be 1.2km in length, approximately 0.5 meters above the ground, be esthetically appropriate for tours with regulators and people from all over the world while maintaining safety standards.


The project saved Syncrude between $1.2M – $5M compared to the other quotes provided.  The work area minimized the impact and compaction on the ecosystem by ensuring a 3-meter corridor to accommodate the build where the walkway was installed.  The design and materials used were custom fabricated requiring little to no maintenance for the life of the project and will meet or exceed a 10-year lifespan.

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