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Welcome to the Fort McKay Group of Companies LP (FMGOC) website. I’m pleased to introduce myself as the CEO of the FMGOC and am happy to be part of a growing organization, this year celebrating 30 years of success!

FMGOC has a skilled team, committed to delivering reliable and quality products and services to meet the needs of our client’s. Our company operates three limited partnerships including; Fort McKay Strategic Services LP, Fort McKay Logistics LP and Steep Bank Earth LP and has offices in both Edmonton and Fort McMurray. The continued success of FMGOC businesses is only possible through collaborative partnerships with our suppliers, strategic partners and employees, where relationships have been built on trust and mutual respect.

With the devastating fires in Fort McMurray and downturn in the Alberta economy, we are adapting to market conditions through continuing to deliver reliable, dependable services while maintaining a competitive cost advantage and ensuring that safety remains our highest priority.

We are fully owned by Fort McKay First Nation. Profits generated from the FMGOC flow back to support community employment, infrastructure, health and social benefits. Together we have strong cultural roots and a deep respect for the environment. Our vision is to provide excellence and success for the further generations for Fort McKay First Nations.



Adam King, CEO

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"Safety ... It's Our Way of Life"

For over 30 years Fort McKay Group of Companies LP has been providing a variety of services to the
Canadian Oil Sands. We currently have long-term contracts in earthworks, logistics, site services,
fuel and lube delivery, environmental services and land leasing operations. Our three limited
partnerships include Fort McKay Strategic Services LP, Fort McKay Logistics LP and Steep Bank Earth LP.


logo1.png   We are 100% owned and controlled by the Fort McKay First Nation Band and we firmly believe that diversity is our key to success.



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