Fort-McKay-Group-of-Companies-Joint-Ventures.jpg Collaborative Partnerships

We value the collaborative partnerships with our clients and continue to develop relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Joint Ventures
truck-bg.jpg Respect and Trust

Respect and trust with our clients and service providers is the foundation of growing a mutually successful business.

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FMGOC-Edmt-DWPhoto_160713_0094.jpg Skilled Team

Fort McKay Group of Companies has a skilled team, committed to delivering reliable and quality products and services to meet the needs of our clients.

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worker-bg.jpg Future Generations

Our vision is to provide excellence and success for future generations.

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Our Companies

Strategic Services

We offer diverse services to meet our client needs.

Strategic Services, a division of Fort McKay Group of Companies, offers a diverse set of services that deliver reliable and cost competitive advantages to its clients in the oil sands. Our expertise includes Earthworks, Site Services, Heavy Equipment, Fuel and Lube Services, Client Embedded Equipment Operators, and our Reclamation Support Services.

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Providing high-quality services and products to companies of all sizes.
Fort McKay Logistics, a division of Fort McKay Group of Companies, is a certified ISO 9001:2015 company. Our quality management integrated supply chain service provides options for businesses - both big and small. We pick-up, warehouse, and deliver materials and equipment from anywhere in the world by truck, rail, marine, and air. Warehousing, Transportation, and Supply Chain.

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Joint Ventures

Creating partnerships to build indigenous futures.

We are proud to be creating Joint Ventures with local Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal companies. These are stand-alone businesses that run independently with Fort McKay Group of Companies holding majority ownership overseeing operations through Board involvement.

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Mechanical Services

 Fort McKay Mechanical Services, is a division of Fort McKay Group of Companies, offering a diverse set of services that deliver reliable and cost competitive advantages to its clients.

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Fort McKay Group of Companies LP

Welcome to the Fort McKay Group of Companies (FMGOC)

FMGOC is comprised of two limited partnerships: Fort McKay Strategic Services and Fort McKay Logistics LP and are the majority owner of Rising Sun Services, a joint venture partnership.

Fully owned by Fort McKay First Nation, Fort McKay Group of Companies (FMGOC) began in 1986 with six employees and a single janitorial contract. Since then we have aggressively taken advantage of our close proximity to the oil sands, establishing companies that provide both revenue and opportunity to our community. We currently have over 1300 employees and have offices located in Edmonton and the Fort McKay Industrial Park, 48 km north of Fort McMurray town.

With a strong commitment and priority focus on quality, cost, and safety, FMGOC has grown into a multi-million-dollar oilfield construction and services company. Profits generated from FMGOC flow back into the First Nation community to support community employment, infrastructure; health benefits and community centres to meet the needs of its growing population.

Our continued success is only possible through collaborative partnerships built on trust and mutual respect. I have a personal commitment to excellence including displaying dedication, honest, integrity, and a strong sense of ethics. My vision is to ensure that we continue to implement best business practices and strategic plans to grow FMGOC businesses and create a solid foundation for our company and community for years to come.


Sami Saad, Chief Executive Officer
Fort McKay Group of Companies


Fort McKay Group of Companies is committed to satisfying our customers and exceeding expectations.

We achieve this by training our employees, adhering to proven procedures and maintaining a company culture that fosters continual improvement.

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First Nation Owned

We are 100% owned and by Fort McKay First Nation Band and we firmly believe that diversity is our key to success.

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Fort McKay Properties

Set along the Athabasca River, Fort McKay industrial parks are centrally located and feature more than 70 lots designed to suit your business needs.

Fort McKay Properties




For over 30 years Fort McKay Group of Companies LP has been providing a variety of services to the Canadian Oil Sands. We currently have long-term contracts in earthworks, logistics, site services, fuel and lube delivery, environmental services and land leasing operations. Our three limited partnerships include Fort McKay Strategic Services LP, Fort McKay Logistics LP and Steep Bank Earth LP.

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