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**NOTICE:  Due to Covid Restrictions-Resumes will not be accepted at the office at this time, please apply online only

We are committed to creating high-performance teams by providing training, resources, and tools that promote organizational purpose and direction.

Our employees are our greatest asset.

We are a participative organization where individuals and teams contribute through developing and utilizing skills and abilities.

We nurture a work environment that is safe, healthy and secure, free of harassment and discrimination, where individuals are accepted and valued.

Fort McKay Group of Companies is a progressive recognized industry leader. Come and join our team today!

Frequently Asked Questions

When applying for several positions with the Fort McKay Group of Companies LP, do I have to submit a resume for each competition?

Yes. If you are applying for more than one position, a separate resume is required for each position. Every competition is considered separately.

How are applicants assessed?

All applicants are assessed relative to the qualifications listed on the job advertisement. Applicants who meet the stated qualifications may be eligible for further consideration. Meeting the minimum qualifications of the job posting does not automatically mean you will be "shortlisted" or selected for the available position as all applicants are assessed on a competitive basis. 

As a First Nation owned business, the Group of Companies reserves the right to give preferential hiring treatment to qualified candidates who are Members of Fort McKay First Nation or persons of Aboriginal ancestry. 

How long does the selection process take?

Most competitions are completed within a three-week time frame. However, only those candidates selected will be contacted for an interview.

Does the Fort McKay Group of Companies LP hire seasonal workers?

Yes. Seasonal employment is full-time, part-time, or on-call work, which generally lasts from one to six months in duration. Most of the seasonal employment jobs typically involve labour related activities. 

If I were a selected candidate for employment with the Fort McKay Group of Companies LP, do I have to go through Pre-employment Testing or Skill Testing?

Yes. As a condition of employment, all of our positions require the selected candidates to undergo and successfully pass the following: 

  • Alcohol and Drug Testing
  • Nurse Health Assessment
  • Audio Testing
  • Only required for certain positions: Spirometry and Mask Fit Testing

Some positions may require confirmation of skills. 

Can I work in two or more jobs at the same time with the Fort McKay Group of Companies LP?

No. You can hold only one position at a time with the Fort McKay Group of Companies LP. 

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