Fort McKay Group of Companies LP

Strategic Services

Strategic Services, a division of Fort McKay Group of Companies, offers a diverse set of services that deliver reliable and cost competitive advantages to its clients in the oil sands. Our expertise includes Earthworks, Site Services, Heavy Equipment, Fuel and Lube Services, Client Embedded Equipment Operators, and our Reclamation Support Services.



A major force in the heavy equipment industry. Our fleet has over 100 pieces of equipment available to work on any site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Site Services

We offer direct access to experienced operators or general labourers for both long and short-term contracts. Our experience is diverse and includes everything from grounds keeping, coverall delivery, flagging, guardrail repair/installation and general labour services.

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Reclamation Support Services and Beaver Creek Wood Bison Ranch

We offer a full range of multidisciplinary environmental services and maintain excellent safety record in our business ventures.

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Fuel and Lube Services

We have a long history of providing safe, professional, valuable services that ensure our clients fuel, lubricants and hydraulic oils are always at operating levels, whether at mines, tailings or plants. This service is provided by skilled technicians.

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Process and Equipment Operators

Our client embedded operators run client equipment and our process operators oversee and manage facilities, which includes monitoring equipment to ensure quality, efficiency and plant safety.

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