Process and Equipment Operation

Our Process and Equipment Operators division can provide embedded, skilled operators for your operations and facilities. Our operators can oversee and manage facilities and ensure that your equipment is operating safely and efficiently. We provide qualified staff to meet your operations needs:

  • Process Operators

    • Ranging from entry level to power engineers
  • Equipment Operators

    • Operators for all sizes of mining haul trucks
    • Operators for dozers, graders, loaders and excavators
  • General Labourers

    • Dredge Operators that ensure tailings ponds are free from debris and inspect all pipes for leaks, cracks or damages. Operators performing these tasks are tender boat certified with the ability to run both diesel and electric dredges
    • Qualified labourers are provided to the Bird Environmental Team (BET) that comprises qualified labourers who operate boats on the tailings ponds

    Our operators have experience with a range of support services including civil projects, dewatering, sand placement and dredges. Our birds and environmental team (BET) are responsible for lessening the environmental impact on birds and the land through general labour operations. We have experience with:

  • Civil Projects

    • T&LD Civil group projects
    • Road building
    • Sump building and sump cleanouts
    • Ditch digging and swails
    • Reclamation
    • Project construction
    • Break in jobs
    • Road maintenance
    • Pad building
    • Dyke repairing
  • Dewatering

    Yes. As a condition of employment, all of our positions require the selected candidates to undergo and successfully pass the following:

    • Operating dozer, loader, grader, excavator, haul truck and labour work
    • Building ditches and sumps
    • Working in muskeg
    • Setting up, moving and switching out pumps and heaters
    • Fueling pumps and heater
  • Sand Placement

    • Operating dozer, loader, grapple loader, grader, wiggle wagon
    • Labour is required
    • Dyke building
    • Sand cell operation
    • Various job working with moving pipe and pipe set up
  • Dredges

    • Fluid transfer
    • Maintain pond balance via utilization of dredges, standalone diesel pumps, and booster pump houses
    • Monitor and maintain equipment
    • Operate heavy equipment
    • Operate work boat and tender
    • Fueling equipment
    • Pipeline bolt up
    • On pond boom work
    • Winterization
  • Birds and environmental team (BET)

    • Operating work boat and ice breaker on tailings ponds
    • Operating loader, SHERP, Kubota, Argo
    • Setting up, maintaining, and taking down bird cannons and bird deterrents
    • Switching out propane tanks
    • Hazing birds

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