Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

Fort McKay Group Of Companies

We are proud of our successful history of creating joint ventures with local Indigenous and non-Indigenous companies. These are stand-alone businesses that run independently with Fort McKay Group of Companies holding majority ownership overseeing operations through Board involvement. 

These joint ventures provide opportunities for economic diversification of our business portfolio while strengthening and growing our partnerships with local companies. Generating economic development and opportunity for the community is a benefit to everyone including the residents of Fort McKay and surrounding areas.

These businesses include:

Fort McKay Graham Joint Venture

In November 2021, Fort McKay Group of Companies entered into a joint venture partnership with Graham Construction to undertake heavy construction projects in the oilsands, thus creating Fort McKay Graham. Fort McKay Graham entered into a $250 million, five-year contract with Imperial Oil to provide large-scale earthwork, land reclamation and mining support services at Kearl mine. This is the largest multi-year deal Imperial Oil has signed with an Indigenous company; it was a long, worthwhile process for Director of Business Development and Client Relations, Bobby Shott. 

It was not long after entering into the joint venture that equipment was mobilized and starting in January 2022, 160 employees (Q1 head count) began work at Kearl mine. The partnership with Graham Construction and contract with Imperial Oil helps to establish Fort McKay Group of Companies as a competitive provider paving the way for other Indigenous companies to reach the same achievements. Fort McKay Graham is an opportunity for FMGOC to claim a stronger presence in the mining and heavy equipment industries in the Wood Buffalo region and for the Fort McKay First Nation and surrounding Indigenous communities to benefit through increased employment capacity and investment into education, housing and health. 

Fort McKay Graham is successful, safe and efficient at delivering quality service in the mining and heavy equipment industries.

Birch Mountain Enterprises LP 

Birch Mountain Enterprises LP (BME) operates in partnership with the Fort McKay Group of Companies. Birch Mountain Enterprises is a 100% Indigenous owned company, servicing RMWB and surrounding areas. Founded in 2005, BME is an industry leader in the areas of fluid hauling, pressure and vacuum and waste management, employing more than 360 people. 

Operating one of the largest privately owned fleets in the Fort McMurray region, BME provides a comprehensive range of services including water hauling, hydrovac, waste disposal, steam and pressure trucks, fuel hauling and washcart facilities.

As a local business, BME is also committed to the sustainment and well being of the communities in which we live. BME is well known for being a strong supporter of local charities, cultural organizations and sports teams.

You can find more out about BME Here.








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