Company History

Fort McKay Group of Companies (FMGOC) is a large oilfield construction and services company located in Alberta.

It is fully owned by the Fort McKay First Nation Band. The company was founded in 1986 and started its business with one single janitorial contract and six employees. FMGOC has aggressively taken advantage of its close proximity to the oil sands development and established companies that provide both employment opportunities and revenue for its community.

FMGOC is comprised of 3 Limited Partnerships; Fort McKay Strategic Services LP, Fort McKay Logistics LP, and Steep Bank Earth LP. FMGOC offers a variety of services such as earthworks, site services, fleet maintenance, fuel services, reclamation support services, and logistics. In 2014, the company officially expanded its business into the Edmonton region with one of its companies; Fort McKay Logistics LP.

By providing high quality, cost-competitive products and services in a safe environment, the FMGOC has grown into a financially stable, multi-million dollar operation.

FMGOC grosses over 150 million in revenue each year, and employs approximately 1000 employees with goal of a minimum of 20% Aboriginal employee content.  One or FMGOC primary goals is to provide benefits to the community of Fort McKay First Nation. Profits go directly into the community by way of housing development, infrastructure, health, recreation, sponsorship's and various other community programs.

FMGOC operates as an independent and separate organization from the Fort McKay First Nation. A Board of Directors oversees the FMGOC and is managed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Adam King.

With the combination of leadership from the Board of Directors and CEO, combined with a commitment to deliver reliable and quality products and services to meet the needs of our client's, the FMGOC has successfully expanded its horizons and will continue to do so in the future.

FMGOC's values the collaborative partnerships with its clients and service providers and continues to develop relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

FMGOC is always seeking out new ventures that will allow for future growth and prosperity.




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