We provide comprehensive warehouse management services to ensure our clients have what they need, when they need it. We manage the planning and control of the functions supporting the complete cycle of materials and the associated flow of information.

Our experienced personnel oversee and execute the daily demands of warehouse management including issue counter and inventory management, cross docking, material management, liaison between vendors and the clients and claims management.

Inventory Control

Fort McKay Logistics has a skilled inventory control team that practices regular cycle counts at every facility and participates in customer organization or annual counts. We perform weekly audits on all inventory to ensure that what we have on hand reflects what’s in the system. Fort McKay Logistics’ best in class approach to inventory management ensures a quantifiable inventory accuracy of 99.9%.

Open Bin Management

We manage free issue material open bins on-site 24/7 in Fort McMurray. These products include small items that are less than $100 in value. 

Currently, we manage 26 open bins on-site by monitoring their inventory and calculating their minimum and maximum volumes. If an item is at their minimum quantity allowed, then we order more material to ensure we always maintain an adequate stock for the client.

Site Stores

We manage 14 site stores on oil sands sites in Fort McMurray. The most common products located in the site stores are valued at >$100. We maintain inventory by checking, cleaning, controlling and counting the material in the site store to ensure that we always keep the perfect ratio of goods.

When we are low on products; we order, receive, transport and deliver the goods the next day to ensure we are always maintaining adequate stock for our client.

Tool Crib Management

We currently manage 14 tool cribs and four mobile trailers, overseeing the whole process from start to finish. We order, stock, account for any discrepancies, calibration, send out for repairs when needed and receive back into the tool crib when completed. We tag each item and track it with a client scanner system. 

Tool Crib Attendant

We work in both a clerical and practical capacity to ensure the tool crib is adequately stocked and maintained. We check all tools, return products properly and run inventory checks to ensure tools are not missing. Tool crib attendants have extensive knowledge on a wide range of tools and how to use them.

We provide fully staffed tool crib trailers. Attendants manage the tool cribs by signing tools in and out under a specific person for a specific time frame. All tools are assigned to a cost center and communicated through email to keep track of who has what tool and for what duration so that each item is tracked accordingly

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